The music video for Spraypainted Love. Video made by Ida Grimsgaard and Even Grimsgaard.

Screened at: The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad 2015, Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2015 & London Short Film Festival 2016.

Thanks to Frifond and Mediefabrikken for supporting the project with funds and equiptment. 

Night Sea Journey teaser

Funny Mood by Hanna von Bergen. Filmed and edited by Vilde Borse. Dancers: Miriam Hansen Troøyen, Solveig Victoria Nielsen, Malene Lilleheim og Hanne Hovland

Uploaded by Showtime on 2017-03-16.

Hanna von Bergen talking about her music and debut album "Slightly out of Key". Filmed and edited by Eileen Danielsen.

Hanna von Bergen released her single "Play by Ear" October 2014. Here is the story behind the song. 

Hanna von Bergen performing "Play by Ear" with Simon Knoblauch Shot and recorded on location at La Candelaria In Bogota, Colombia 2012. Filmed and edited by Cas van der pas and Frank Scott Krueger

Hanna von Bergen performing her song Real Food live in Ekebergparken, July 2014, Oslo. Filmed and edited by Jørgen Nordby -

Hanna von Bergen performing her song Post Documentary live in a forest near Århus. The instrument is from Zimbabwe and is called mbira. Cinematography: Mattias Edström

Live performance at Pecha Kucha Vol 28, Des 2013. Filmed by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. Location: Doga Norsk design- og arkitektursenter.